Hi, I'm Manky!

I'm a queer Australian artist and aspiring comic artist.

I'm currently attending university so I get busy at times but I'm going to try to keep this website up to date with my work.

While this is pretty bare bones I'm going to share some of my influences and plans for the future.

First of all a major inspiration to me is Chainsaw Man by Tatsuki Fujimoto as well as his previous work, Fire Punch. The unique storytelling, themes and unique panelling have me in a chokehold, even just then I stopped to check up on the latest chapter as of writing this (Chapter 165). I'm not saying it's everyone's thing, especially part two but I definitley recommend it if you haven't given it a go yet. Yes, I will tell you to read the manga but not in a manga snob sort of way, I just think the anime is paced very badly and you miss out on the panelling which can be really creative.

I've used a textless version of the first volume cover as my lock screen for at least 4 years now.

I absolutely love creative and out-there designs, when I came back to a childhood favourite, Power Rangers, a few years ago I realised just how much detail went into a lot of the monster designs on the show. Here's a few attatched below to give you an idea.

Sometimes they're a bit gimmicky, but honestly? I love the gimmicky ones too. I'm a fan.

My first and favourite season of Power Rangers is Dino Thunder, the suit design is also great in this season. I really like painting power rangers when I want to practice my painting skills so I tend to come to the show for screen shots lol.

Fear and Hunger is another big interest of mine, I think the lore is super interesting and I'm rarely the type to get into that sort of thing. I also love the casual inclusion of queer people, i really wish it was more common. I also think the fandom is very funny and I love to collect Funger memes.

No one really talks about it but I find myself really invested in the series of short stories written and illustrated by Junji Ito centred around Oshikiri. I find him and the supernatural occurances built up through the stories very interesting as well as finding that I relate to oshikiri in some ways, especially when I read him as a trans man. He's probably one of my most obscure "literally me" characters but if anyone can relate please hmu because no one I have talked to cares aout him.

Back to something more mainstream, I may as well share some of my favourite pokemon. I judge them based on aesthetics and if I think they would be a good friend.

Soclipede and it's line are my all time favourites. Please not that I have no reguard for the meta, I just run what I like.

TTRPGs are a big interest of mine, I collect them if I can afford to (they're super expensive here in Australia, especially because of DnD's current monopoly). I'm most invested in pathfinder, being a fan of the Pathfinder Iconics, which includes some canonically gay and trans characters, along with all the benefits of a system that actually works (I'm looking at you DnD). Content is very sparse around the iconics, though, so you will be left to your own devices if you're a fan like I am haha... A lot of the artworks and designs for Pathfinder are done by Wayne Reynolds, needless to say it has fantastic art.

Oof I really can't stop myself from sniding DnD, it's okay if you play it but... do try something else? You'd be surprised how little homebrew you would need to play another system, and for the love of god, please stop trying to mod Cyberpunk into DnD, there is an official system for it along with a whole bunch of other adjacent titles.

As for my plans with this website, I plan on Hosting my comics here along with having all of my art here. There isn't really a good place to post art anymore so I'm making my own place to post, because at least on my own website I'm in complete control of what it looks like. Plus, I'm learning HTML and stuff which is pretty cool.

If anyone would like to contact me feel free to send me an email at:


Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a lovely day!